Jade Pixiu (貔貅) Carving (Myanmar / Burma)

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Jade Pixiu (貔貅) Carving (Myanmar / Burma)

Mineral: Jade var. Jadeite

Origin: Myanmar (Burma)

Color: White to Very Pale Green

Treatment: None

Approximate dimensions: 4cm x 1.8cm x 1.5cm

Weight: 16g


10% of this purchase will be donated to The Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association (BANCA)



 Pixiu (貔貅) is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature. Pixiu are considered powerful protectors of feng shui practitioners, and resemble strong, winged lions. A Pixiu is an earth and sea variation, particularly an influential and auspicious creature for wealth, and is said to have a voracious appetite exclusively for gold, silver, and jewels. Therefore, traditionally to the Chinese, Pixiu have always been regarded as auspicious creatures that possessed mystical powers capable of drawing cai qi (財氣 wealth) from all directions, and according to the Chinese zodiac, it is especially helpful for those who are going through a bad year.

There are two types of Pixiu that are categorised by their antlers. The one with two antlers is the female and is called a Bìxié, and the one with one antler is the male and is called a Tiānlù.

Bìxié (辟邪 lit. "to ward off evil spirits"): The female of the species wards off evil. It is also believed that Bìxié have the ability to assist anyone who is suffering from bad feng shui from having offended Tai Sui (太歲).

Tiānlù (天祿tiānlùt'ien-lu): The male of the species is in charge of wealth. It is said to go out into the world to search for gold and other forms of wealth. When it returns to its master's house, the Bìxié is then said to guard the riches. Displaying Tiānlù at home or in the office is said to prevent wealth from flowing away.

Pixiu crave the smell of gold and silver and like to bring their masters money in their mouth. Statues of this creature are often used to attract wealth in feng shui


 Color may vary in images and videos due to different lightings and angles.

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