Andalusite Three Stone Bypass Ring Size 7 Tarazed Gems & Jewellery

Andalusite Three Stone Bypass Ring Size 7

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Andalusite Three Stone Bypass Ring Size 7

Mineral: Andalusite

Origin: Brazil

Color and Pleochroism:  Orange, Green, and Yellow

Treatment: None

Material: Sterling Silver (925)

Size: 7

Approximate Stone Dimensions: 0.4cm x 0.4cm

Approximate Band Dimensions: 0.2cm

Weight: 2g


10% of this purchase will be donated to The Rainforest Foundation US


This mineral was called andalousite by Delamétehrie, who thought it came from Andalusia, Spain. It soon became clear that it was a locality error, and that the specimens studied were actually from El Cardoso de la Sierra, in the Spanish province of Guadalajara, not Andalusia. Andalusite is trimorphic with kyanite and sillimanite, being the lower pressure mid temperature polymorph. At higher temperatures and pressures, andalusite may convert to sillimanite. Thus, as with its other polymorphs, andalusite is an aluminosilicate index mineral, providing clues to depth and pressures involved in producing the host rock.


Color may vary in images and videos due to different lightings and angles.

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