Fluorite (Madagascar) [Large] Tarazed Gems & Jewellery

Fluorite (Madagascar) [Large]

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Fluorite (Madagascar) [Large]

Mineral: Fluorite

Origin: Mandrosonoro, Ambatofinandrahana, Amoron'i Mania, Madagascar.

Color: Dark Green

Fluorescence: Vivid Dark Blue

Treatment: None

Approximate Dimensions: 11cm x 12cm x 8.5cm

Weight: 1.377Kg


10% of this purchase will be donated to The International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF)


Fluorite is calcium fluoride and crystallizes in the cubic system, forming most often as cubes and octahedra. Sometimes fluorite is cut as gemstones, but mainly for collectors, as the hardness (4 on the Mohs’s scale) is very low, making the stones too soft and fragile to be used in most jewelry. Fluorite ranges in color from colorless to yellow, brown, orange, green, blue, violet and pink and is typically transparent to semi-transparent with color zoning being very common. Fluorite is a widely occurring mineral, and gem quality specimens are found in many places, including: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Mexico, England, Canada, Kenya, Korea, Pakistan, China, Tanzania, and the United States.


 Color may vary in images and videos due to different lightings and angles.

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