Jade Rat (鼠) Carving (Myanmar / Burma)

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Jade Rat Carving

Mineral: Jade var. Jadeite

Origin: Myanmar (Burma)

Color: Dark Green

Treatment: None

Approximate dimensions: 2.3cm x1.4 cm x 0.9cm

Weight: 4g

Note: Does NOT stand on it's own.


10% of this purchase will be donated to The Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association (BANCA)


The rat is rather surprisingly the first in the cycle of twelve zodiacal animals, the story goes that a rat was smart enough to jump onto the back of the ox to get to the head of the queue of animals when they were being named. The character for rat  shǔ is a pictograph showing its head, tail and whiskers. The mouse is called  xiǎo shǔ ‘little rat’ in contrast to  dà shǔ ‘big rat’, the mouse plays little part in legends and superstitions. It is considered a ‘yin’ female animal.

The constant activity of rats has been paralleled with the acquisitive action of misers and so rats are associated with money. In one legend it was rats that brought rice to people's attention as a nutritious food. However it is also thought they can turn into demons and some legends have them becoming quails at spring time.

The squirrel (松鼠 sōng shǔ) uses the same character in Chinese, confirming the western nickname ‘tree rat’ and has the same symbolism. Rats and squirrels are often shown with trailing plants such as vines to grant the wish of having generations of children.


Color may vary in images and videos due to different lightings and angles.

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