Larimar Spheres (Dominican Republic)

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Larimar Spheres (Dominican Republic)

Mineral: Pectolite var. Larimar

Origin: Los Chupaderos in the section of Los Checheses, about 10 km (6.2 mi) southwest of the city of Barahona in the southwestern region of the Dominican Republic. 

Color: Light Blue

Treatment: None


Sphere #1:

Approximate Dimensions: 4.5cm

Weight: 123g


Sphere #2:

Approximate Dimensions: 4cm

Weight: 102g


Sphere #3:

Approximate Dimensions: 3.5cm

Weight: 93g


10% of this purchase will be donated to The Khaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation


Miguel Méndez and Peace Corps volunteer Norman Rilling rediscovered Larimar in 1974 on a beach at the foot of the Bahoruco Mountain Range, the coastal province of Barahona. Natives believed that the stone came from the sea, and they called the gem Blue Stone.

Miguel took his young daughter's name Larissa and the Spanish word for sea (mar) and formed Larimar, to suggest the colors of the Caribbean Sea where it was found. The few stones that they found were alluvial sediment, washed into the sea by the Bahoruco River. An upstream search revealed the in situ outcrops in the range and soon the Los Chupaderos mine was formed.


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