Okenite And Chalcedony In Calcite (India)

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Okenite And Chalcedony In Calcite (India)

Mineral: Okenite and Chalcedony in Calcite

Origin: Aurangabad Mines, Maharashtra, India

Color: White and Blueish Green

Treatment: None

Approximate Dimensions: 9cm x 5cm x 2cm

Weight: 115g


10% of this purchase will be donated to The Wildlife Protection Society Of India (WPSI)


Okenite is a silicate mineral that is usually associated with zeolites. It most commonly is found as small white "cotton ball" formations within basalt geodes. These formations are clusters of straight, radiating, fibrous crystals that are both bendable and fragile.

It was first described in 1828 for an occurrence at¬†Disko Island,¬†Greenland¬†and named for German naturalist¬†Lorenz Oken¬†(1779‚Äď1851).


 Color may vary in images and videos due to different lightings and angles.

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