Sterling Silver Snake Ring (Adjustable)

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Sterling Silver Snake Ring (Adjustable)

Origin: Thailand

Material: Sterling Silver (925)

Size: 7 (Adjustable) 

Approximate Top Dimensions: 2.5cm x 1cm x 0.1cm

Approximate Band Dimensions: 0.2cm

Weight: 2g

Note: Be careful adjusting ring Excessive opening and closing can weaken the band and create cracks and possible breakage! 



10% of this purchase will be donated to The Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association (BANCA)


Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life.

In some Abrahamic traditions, the serpent represents sexual desire. According to some interpretations of the Midrash, the serpent represents sexual passion In Hinduism, Kundalini is a coiled serpent.

Serpents are represented as potent guardians of temples and other sacred spaces. This connection may be grounded in the observation that when threatened, some snakes (such as rattlesnakes or cobras) frequently hold and defend their ground, first resorting to threatening display and then fighting, rather than retreat. Thus, they are natural guardians of treasures or sacred sites which cannot easily be moved out of harm's way.


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